The Kay Kidde Achievement Center (The Day Center) 

The Day Center is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (later and on weekends during the shelter season).
The Day Center offers respite and a sense of community for our guests. Guests can come in for a hot meal, get fresh clothing, and receive assistance through case management and counseling.

Education – We help client’s toward self -sufficiency by offering GED preparation, computer skills, financial management, daily living skills and more
Jobs – Listings, Training Opportunities, Resume Preparation, and “Dress for Success”.
Counseling – We have Licensed Social Workers and a Mental Health Counselor on staff. When necessary, we refer clients to services in our network of East End Health and Human Service Agencies.
Housing – We work with our clients on maintaining their housing or obtaining temporary housing, with the ultimate goal of permanent housing.

Other Services
Guests can receive mail at our 28 Lincoln Street address, enabling them  to receive essential benefits and entitlements. Guests can use computers to search for housing and job opportunities, take credit bearing on-line courses through the Riverhead Library’s Uniersal Classroom, and attend a variety of educational programs.