Client Stories

Barbara was staying in a room with no heat and was eventually forced to leave her room because the cold was getting her sick. She had nowhere to go, and as the weather started to get colder, she realized she needed help. As a senior citizen, she needed additional support and attention. The staff at Maureen’s Haven took her in and not only gave her shelter and compassion but set up her with a new room in a new home. She now has a place to call home for the holidays.

Sara had been homeless for some time. She has no family on Long Island, but when she came to Maureen’s Haven she was warmly welcomed into our family. During her stay, the staff not only cared for her, but took her to her appointments and helped her get all of her benefits in order. Maureen’s Haven also reconnected her to her extended family in North Carolina and we were able to send her home for Thanksgiving. When she returned, she shared the good news that her family has a permanent place for in North Carolina. Sara is now home for the holidays. By making sure Sara made it to her appointments, we set her up for success. And preventing Barbara from returning to a cold, heatless room led the way to her new place, which the staff at Maureen’s Haven helped her move in to.

Over the years, Bill carefully saved his money and eventually bought a small home. In 2009, he developed neuropathy in his feet, and could no longer drive for the local transportation company he had been working with for the last 14 years.

Bill desperately looked for work that would not require him to be on his feet, but couldn’t find anything in the shrinking job market. He ran through his savings in just over a year, and soon after lost his home. In November 2011, he came to Maureen’s Haven. Here he found hope, and was soon on the path to self-sufficiency. Today, Bill lives independently and works full time. He recently asked to volunteer in order to give back for what he was so freely given.

Karen has suffered from depression most of her adult life but was always able to work and provide for herself and her children. After the tragic death of her oldest son, Karen fell into a deep and crippling depression that left her unable to work to support her family.

Eventually, her children went to live with their father and Karen became homeless. She began using the overnight shelter services offered here at Maureen’s Haven and through the support of volunteers and staff, she slowly regained her ability to manage her life and begin the healing process over the loss of her son. Today, Karen lives independently, is employed and has regular contact with her children.

James was brought to our center by a concerned community member. He had no family and no support system.

James stayed with us for several months until we secured supportive housing and a day program for adults specializing in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. We check on him regularly and he is healthy and happy in his new home.

Mary arrived at our day center terrified and desperate. She had fled an abusive relationship and had nowhere to go. We worked with her until she was strong enough to enter a domestic violence shelter where she could begin the long healing process.

She is now living independently with support from a local domestic violence agency.